A synthetic paper designed for a wide variety of printing and finishing techniques.

Polyart Key Product Features

  • Smooth coated finish gives excellent ink holdout combined with a good level of opacity
  • Highly durable, tear, water and grease resistant
  • Its conventional coating ensures printability by all conventional methods including small offset litho
  • Weight range of 75-285 g/m², available in sheets from stock and reels to order

    NOW ALSO AVAILABLE - Polyart Indigo - approved for HP Indigo digital presses.

    Polyart Indigo is a synthetic paper made of high density expanded polyethylene and with a specific coating for HP Indigo digital presses

    Polyart Indigo Key Product Features

  • Polyart Indigo has a unique smooth high-quality feel and offers the same superb print finish as a semi-matt coated paper with the durability of a plastic
  • Optimal for prints requiring high resistance to tearing, repeated
    handling, water, many chemical products and outdoor exposure
  • Polyart Indigo is easy to print and convert with no static issues, no grain direction and no need to apply a primer
  • Choose Polyart Indigo for a multitude of applications: available in white in 124, 154, 224 and 274 gsm and in Iridescent Pearl Blue in 126, 226 and 276 gsm in 320 x 460 mm sheets.
  • Polyart Indigo is NOT suitable for use on dry toner colour laser machines

    Polyart Indigo offers you:

  • High quality printing
  • Durability
  • Short runs
  • Customised prints
  • Bendtsen smoothness reading
  • Cut sizes available
  • Suitable for direct food contact
  • Fully recyclable and biodegradable
  • Gardner gloss reading
  • Sheeting from reels
  • Suitable inks required - contact our Technical Services for advice


  • book
  • cd
  • corporate literature
  • direct mail
  • manuals
  • maps
  • membership cards
  • menus
  • posters
  • tags
  • tickets
  • wallets and folders

Available In

g/m2320 x
450 x
640 x
700 x
75  o   
90  o o  
110  o o o
124 o    
126 o    
140  o o  
154 o    
170  o   
200  o o  
224 o    
226 o    
240   o  
274 o    
276 o    
285    o

Sizes shown in mm.

o Ream wrapped.
+ Bulk packed on pallets.
Ream wrapped or bulk packed on pallets.

Environmental Information

Raw material
High density polyethylene with matt clay coating
This material can be disposed of by recycling and incineration for energy recovery.

Additional Information

Technical Information

Substance g/m2 (approx)7590110124140170200224240285285405
Caliper µm (approx)95110140170175215250258300350350494
Opacity (ISO) %919495969798989898989898
Brightness (ISO) D65888888888888888888888888
Whiteness CIE D65767676767676767676767676
Gloss (Gardner) 75° TS888888888888
Smoothness (Bendtsen) ml/min TS555105551052525
Smoothness (Bendtsen) ml/min WS555105551052525
Rigidity (Taber Stiffness Units) 15° MD0.
Rigidity (Taber Stiffness Units) 15° CD0.

Technical Capability

Printing process
Litho, letterpress, screen and flexography
Digital printing
124 and 224g/m² are specially coated products approved for digital printing on HP Indigo machines only. Standard Polyart does not carry the HP Indigo approval. <br>Both the specially coated and standard Polyart are NOT suitable for processing through colour laser toner machines as they will melt in the machine.
Screen ruling
150 plus. Undercolour removal is recommended.
Printing inks
If printing dense tones or solids use fully oxidising ink, especially on lighter substances. Most conventional, UV and IR are suitable, however Press Open inks should be avoided.
Machine or UV silk screen varnishing are both possible. Good results have been obtained by spot varnishing on solids or dense tones by either method. Any varnish applied to unprinted areas of the sheet may cause variations in gloss levels.
Hot foil blocking
Film laminating
110g/m² and below the material should be treated as Silk Coated paper.
Above 110g/m² pre-creasing is advisable by using a creasing matrix.
Food contact
Non acidic. The digital grade is not suitable for food use.

Purchasing Policy

The Robert Horne Group is committed to the responsible purchasing of paper products. This commitment will be realised through a stepwise approach to responsible purchasing that utilises the best available techniques and information. Robert Horne requires its suppliers to abide by all local, state and national laws and international conventions. For further information and full Responsible Paper Purchasing Policy, visit:http://www.roberthorne.co.uk/environment

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